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Email accounts using this site’s domain name are provided as part of the website hosting services being provided by Parnassus Creative and DreamHost.com.

SedgwickCountyDemocraticWomen.org has setup email accounts for its Officers, certain organization volunteers, and as a way to send out and receive important email communications with the members of this organization.

If you have been assigned an email address as an individual you may manage your email accounts via most any Email Client programs on your personal computer or even your smart cell phone. You may send and receive emails using this individually assigned email account in your official capacity and duties of the organization. It is suggested that you change your password as soon as possible. Contact Melanie Jenney at Webmaster@SedgwickCountyDemocraticWomen.org to find out what your current password is.

To change your email address password click here: Mail Box Settings

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If you are assigned to a Group email address such as Membership@SedgwickCountyDemocraticWomen.org then it is configured to forward the received emails to your personal email address and the account is managed by the site’s Webmaster. These Group email addresses are meant for you to receive email communications only – any replies you might send must be sent from your individually assigned @SedgwickCountyDemocraticWomen.org email address or your personal email address.

Security warning when using HTTPS with your website URL (using the Webmail online interface):

You can use the link at the top of this webpage to login to the Webmail online interface or you can also log into Atmail at https://atmail.example.com (where example.com is your website). However, this throws a certificate warning.

This is because the security certificate used by Webmail is written for the dreamhost.com domain, not your personal domain. When you see the warning, accept this certificate and save it in your browser. You should only need to do this once to avoid future warning messages. Otherwise you may safely ignore this warning and proceed to the Webmail interface.

How to setup an Email Client program or Smart Cell phone for your SedgwickCountyDemocraticWomen.org email address:

Most current versions of these programs can automatically configure themselves to add your email accounts to them using only the email address and the required password.

Please note that if you wish to use multiple computers and/or smart cell phones to manage your emails account you must use the IMAP setting instead of POP3. This allows for the emails to be stored on the remote server and accessed from multiple devices and Email Client programs. The POP3 setting will automatically remove the emails from the remote server once it has been downloaded to a single device or Email Client program.

Follow these links for specific instructions on how to set up the corresponding email clients.

Note: In most versions of Outlook, it will automatically select the appropriate Port and Server settings for you. Usually all you will need is the account password and email address – the full email address also serves as the account’s username, i.e., name@SedgwickCountyDemocraticWomen.org. If you need the Port and Server information to configure your email client program visit this link: Email client protocols and port numbers – DreamHost – use the Secure settings not the Insecure settings listed here.

Additional Notes:

AOL has very strict policies for incoming emails to filter out Spam Email and arbitrarily rejects any incoming emails sent from our email hosting service. If you use an AOL email address you may be able to override this by adding the sending email address to your approved Contacts or Safe Sender list, but don’t count on it working at this time.

Yahoo email addresses will reject any email that has been forwarded more than one time, i.e., forwarded to one address and then that address forwards to another prior to the final intended recipient. We have tried to configure the @SedgwickCountyDemocraticWomen.org email accounts to avoid this ‘secondary’ Forwards To so that when an email is sent to any @SedgwickCountyDemocraticWomen.org address should be received by the intended recipients without being bounced back to the sender as undeliverable.

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