Oct. 11 Meeting Features Sarah Swain, the Democratic Candidate for Attorney General

We are excited to hear from Sarah Swain at our Oct. 11 meeting!
Sarah is our Democratic Candidate for Attorney General. The meeting will be at our new location at SEIU Kansas, 3340 W Douglas Ave, Wichita. The program begins at 6:15 p.m., but we encourage you to come earlier to socialize and rant. If you’re crunched for time,  bring your dinner with you!
There’s a lot happening right now, and we could sure use your help in our office, canvassing/calling for candidates, voter registration… there are lots of options! Maybe the Kavanaugh confirmation will galvanize you into action. Turn the negative into a positive and help us GET OUT THE VOTE for women and Democrats and people who will represent all of us and not just the uber-rich, uber-powerful and uber-mean white guys.
(Also find out about our upcoming fun-raiser, which looks like a spook-tacular time!)
Sarah Swain, Democratic Candidate for Attorney General