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SCDW its-a-mans-world-unless-women-vote

Vote for Women for a Change!

“Despite only making up 20% of Congress and an even smaller number of governors, women actually vote more often than men. The problem, experts say, is they simply don’t have women to vote into office.” Thanks, MaryKay Z of Johnson County Democratic Women, for posting this article, “How to Level the Playing for Women in […]

MLK Jr quote

Answer MLK Jr’s Call to Service

“Everybody can be great, because everybody can serve.” —Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. • As an organization, Sedgwick County Democratic Women is supporting programs that serve survivors of sex trafficking. We have an open call for donations of clothing and toiletry items for ICT S.O.S. “Fresh Start Bags” (see list here). Club members are also […]

110th Washington Days will be Feb. 26 in Topeka

There ARE Democrats in Kansas (and more than a few disgruntled Republicans!). Come join us at Washington Days for a conversation about how to move our state forward, onward, upward! At one time, Republicans and Democrats worked together (I know! Right?!?) for progressive reform of antiquated laws and dangerous practices (interesting article on the progressive […]

Beth Clarkson at January 14 meeting

The SCDW’s January 14 meeting will feature Beth Clarkson. Her topic is “Voting Machine Irregularities.” It will be interesting to find out if Beth is making any headway against Kobach in her effort to review the records from the November 2014 election. (See more about this topic at Join us at Ourr’s Family Dining […]

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