~Greetings from the President of Sedgwick County Democratic Women~

We had a great year in 2018.

We fulfilled our mandate of raising money to donate to women candidates.  In the fall of 2018 we donated $9,750 to candidates in Sedgwick Co and also to Statewide Democratic candidates.  Go Governor Laura Kelly!

We are going to have an even better 2019/2020!

We have been fundraising separate from our candidate donation funds to hire a political consultant, Cliff Raulston, to do intensive training for candidates and their staff, (SCDW members get this training free so pass the word). If you are a candidate and take this training, at the end you will have a developed plan for your campaign.

Our goals for this Candidate Academy

  • We want to help prepare candidates earlier in the election cycle.
  • Encourage women candidates who not successful in their first campaign to run again.
  • Give knowledge to support staff and volunteers about good campaign practices.

Most elected Democratic House and Senate officials are from just a few counties in Kansas so we at SCDW want to add to the number of Democrats and the number of women that come from Sedgwick County.

We are 152 members strong and every paid membership helps support our fundraising.  If you haven’t attended our monthly meetings lately come and see us, learn from our speakers.  Thank you for being a member and supporting Democrats in Sedgwick County.

Jan Manlove