Conversation to Action: THIS THURSDAY, June 28

Jill Miller, Headmistress of the Finishing School for Modern Women (and SCDW member!!!), is hosting a special event called Conversation to Action on Thursday, June 28, at Pleasant Valley United Methodist Church (1600 West 27th Street North, Wichita, KS 67204).

Join us for this panel discussion with Wichita’s women business leaders on what may be holding women back in Wichita, how to make the current climate work for you, and insightful action steps for shaping the future of Wichita’s business community.

Registration for this class is $5, which will be donated to a women’s business charity.
Jill is always in a frenzy of action and involved with or spearheading activities and events in Wichita that empower WOMEN! She also writes a thoughtful and inspiring blog that she shares on her website or by email (on request).
Check out upcoming classes at the Finishing School for Modern Women. Perhaps we should ALL sign up for her “Turning Anger Into Power” class in July and see if we can impact upcoming elections!

This is your homework. Click on the image above to be directed to “The Chung Report,” James Chung’s diagnosis of the challenges facing Wichita. [Hint: He suggests four major challenges. Can you name them?]

[Melanie Jenney]